Friday, October 8, 2010

During nightly prayers.....

this was our discussion;

Me: No Izzy, we start with "Dear Heavenly Father" not "Thank you for this day".
Izzy: Why?
Me: Because we are praying to Jesus's Daddy and he lives in heaven up in the sky. He needs to know we are talking to him.
Izzy: Gasps! I am going to get my kite and go in the sky and give him loves and kisses because I love him. He is my friend.
Me: Yep, we do love him Izzy.
Izzy: You stay home Mommy, I will carry Hadley on my back.

See why I love this girl!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photo Shoot, Blessing and Diaper Cream.....???

I have this amazingly talented friend in my ward take these pictures of the girls. Thank you Sally, I will love them forever! (I have to many favorites to post them are a "few".)

I love this chubby baby!

We blessed Hadley while my Dad Paul and his wife Dee were in town. It was last minute, so we were glad for the family that could be there.
Chad's blessing was so nice.
Grandpa and Grandma Dee with Haddy
People probably think I never watch my kids! Elly got into the diaper ointment....can we say mess! (FYI- Dish soap gets it out of hair)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Haddy Girl

The transition of bringing Hadley home has been my easiest (knock on wood). I am feeling great, she nurses great, she is mellow, and the girls are adjusting awesome! For the most part Hadley has been cake, even sleeping pretty well. However, I have never had a baby turn blue until our Haddy girl. There have been two incidents where she has gaged so much that she turned blue. It was sooooo scary. After a few times to the doctor she was diagnosed with severe acid reflux. I guess that it caused her so much pain that it made her gag and loose her breath (poor baby). Now she is on medicine and is doing MUCH better. Her appetite and restful sleep are back.

I am so grateful Chad is calm in emergencies. It helps me to feel calm. I am especially grateful he holds the priesthood. He gave Hadley a beautiful blessing for her health and I know, that it too has helped. We have witnessed a tender mercy with our sweet Hadley.

She came out of the womb a sucker! She loves her thumb already.
Which Izzy loves and reminds us they "match".

The new puppy syndrome has almost worn off. Until someone new comes around and then it's show and tell! And no, I did not do anything to her hair!
It is crazy curly on it's own!

She will hold her for hours if you let her. You can't see it but, they both have their thumbs.

Busy Barneys

Before Hadley came we were BUSY B's around here! I had lists for both Chad and I that were constantly being updated and added to (poor Chad). For the most part I got everything done that I wanted to before the big day. Some of the things I got to;

Cleaned and organized every closet in the house
Lots of sewing
Cleaned car seats, highchair and baby swing
Over all deep cleaning of entire house
Cleaned porches and painted the front door
Got Hadley's room/sewing room cleaned and organized
Slip covered a chair

...there was more but I threw my list away! :)

Below are two other projects we did, the girls playroom and our front yard. Chad did all of the sprinkler work himself including lots, and lots of digging (again, poor Chad)!

Our playroom is more like a closet, and right off our living room. I needed to maximize space!
Chad mounted this chair and the girls (& Chad) LOVE it!

We are getting new pictures taken of the girls with our new addition so, this wall will be updated.

This is actually our neighbors yard currently but, our yard had the same "zero scape" (they were owned by the same people when we bought the house). It was an eye sore to say the least!

Ta Da! I LOVE it! Now all we need is a fence to keep the hoodlums in!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hadley Anne
8.8 lbs, 20 in
July 16th, 2010
7:01 pm

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do you think I can handle 3?

I have been working on another post with all of the good things we have been working on around here getting ready for baby #3. However, today was a day like no other and I had to share.

I am at the non sleeping stage of this pregnancy and I took a sleeping pill too late making my morning very groggy. The girls were up at 6am and I wanted to die! I put Ellery down for a morning nap (I never do that anymore)....and I also fell asleep. I woke to Izzy naked cleaning her hands in my bathroom. She said "Go back to sleep Mama, I clean up, relax, go back to sleep." I noticed something chalky on her arms. Then the smell. Oh the smell. I knew I had doomed myself by sleep. Below is what I found...

Izabelle had taken a brand new container of comet, dish soap, windex and hand soap and had "cleaned" the entire living room carpet. The containers were EMPTY! Dish soap and comet mashed into the carpet. How did she have access you wonder...the new kitchen did not yet have the child proofing completed. (Chad came right home and installed the latches during his lunch) We tried cleaning it ourselves and it just continued to sud! It was a mess!
I didn't yell, I didn't scream, I didn't even cry. There were no words. I couldn't be too mad at her, It was my fault I fell asleep. and friends it's ok to judge me...I know I have no business having a 3rd. All I ask....please do no tattle on me to CPS!
**On the up side- my carpets had to be cleaned....yeah clean carpet!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Things to hate, love and laugh at

No one can truly appreciate how AWFUL my old kitchen was (the pictures do not do the horrible justice). We have been really busy since the beginning of last December in preparation for the new kitchen. I knew it was bad, really bad when the mess and clutter drove Chad nuts! We survived however only to L-O-V-E the new and much improved kitchen. (Let it be noted I never in a million years would have dreamt of the possibility of a replacement kitchen. Lacey told me not to go to ID for Thanksgiving but instead put the money in my kitchen, most important to get a dishwasher. She told me "You cannot have 3 kids and NO dishwasher!". Yes we are expecting #3 in July! Thank you Lacey!)
So here are the pictures!
Before- yuck! That was the only counter space I had...I think is was 47 inches!
I had carts and racks to hold everything! I used the stove and sink as counter space
Ta Da! Oh the love I have!

Story about the new stove: It was not in the budget to buy a new stove and used ones in great shape are hard to come by. Our cabinet installer, Chuck, gave us this glass top stove. No strings attached! I cried, and cried! All he asked for was chocolate chip cookies with nuts! There are not enough cookies to make him!

I know it's not fancy, large or much...but I love it!

Side note- my kids love to dance to music I bought these tu-tus and they love them!

Elly is obsessed with sunglasses, they even go in the bath!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Guy (and girlies)

Lately I'm feeling lucky for my Guy. Not only is he a supportive husband but, an awesome Dad aswell. The longer we're together the more surprised I am by his goofiness. My Guy keeps my life fun and I love him all the more for it.
My Guy's idea of doing Izzy's hair...a fro
Who loves this more? My Guy or my girlies?

Last Sunday during a pre church nap Izzy awakened me by saying "Look Mommy, fancy!". My Guy had painted her fingernails and toenails. Ellery loves cuddles from my Guy, and often prefers him over me. I get a new kitchen because my Guy wants my life to be easier (my excitement is not even describable). I'm lucky for my Guy.
PS- I am sooo excited to see my family for Thanksgiving...less than a week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Check these out...

I love, love, LOVE these! Enter for the give away!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick pics...

It has been too long!
-For those who don't know I am now working at the shop with my husband most days of the week (no not full time) and so "my time" is limited. We are having a good summer though. The business is still going and work continues to come in. It has been a learning experience for me, some fun and some not-so-fun.
-I finally have my van back...though is still needs some paint.
-My Izzy is 2 and almost completely potty trained (can you hear the HOORAY!! from there).
-We have done some traveling; to Vegas to see my Dad and Dee (so last min, and so tacky), Meeker for the Barney family reunion, Moab for an impromptu stay (long story and not a fun one), and one coming in August to Idaho to see my Mom and Lacey (can't wait and counting down the days).

Here are some random pictures

This is my little "Blue eyed Beauty"

Izzy with 4 pairs of panties on....don't ask me!

They are starting to play fun!

Izabelle's kitten, Meow-Meow, that we brought home from Meeker

This is what I found after Chad had put the girls down for a nap. They were all over in her crib!

Chad's Grammie in Meeker on the 4th of July

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things to love...

that it's grapefruit season, Izzy's squeals of delight riding on the swings with me, my moonroof in spring weather, that I only teach nursery once a month, talking to my mom and sisters daily, holiday cards in the mail from grandparents, Elly's sweet smile and coos on a day with LOTS of crying, a lost and then found "KeKe" (Izzy's raggy blanket) in the mall, a family hike, Chad coming home for lunch and his spontaneous dance "moves", a box full of dresses for my girls from a sister, girls night of games and gabbing, redbox, that Twilight comes out on Friday, grape limeades from Sonic, and lastly, that there is love and laughter in our home.

PS-I was a mess when Izzy lost her blanket, I cried and she didn't. I was worried how was I going to cope if she lost it for real! I called Chad, and his first question (well after saying, "I told you, you should cut it in half!") "Did you say a prayer?". A tender mercy from Heavenly Father that day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is that a doll?


Izabelle new thing is pushing Ellery in her doll stroller (actually, Elly likes it too). Ellery will be 15 weeks next Monday and is only 11 lbs 10 oz...still tiny!

PS- The buffering takes a minute....but it DOES work!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Lacey

Monday, March 2, 2009

Elly's Blessing

It was our Elly's blessing yesterday. What a wonderful day! Her Daddy's blessing was beautiful and full of the spirit. I was so touched by all of our family and friends support in coming. It was a great day! Here she is with her Daddy.
(Aunt Gwen, I got tons of compliments on her dress. Thank you again!)

We had a lunch for family and friends before. We had; Potato Cheese and Taco Dump soups, rolls and cornbread, fruit, and of course a cake.
It was just Sam's Club cake...Grandma Stephens cake would have made the day perfect!